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Hi everybody my name is Arief Maoelana Rachman a.k.a Maulana , I am a medical student in The Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University of Malang and I am now in the fourth semester of pre-clinical program. It is an honored for me to have a chance to share my experience of being a delegate in the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2019. Honestly, it was my first time to participate in this kind of international event and I am very grateful for that. Although this is my first time, I am actually quiet qualified enough with my background in both academic and organization.

The Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) is an annual meeting carried out by The International Federation of Medical Student Association (IFMSA) and executed by the chosen country as the host. APRM has an agenda such as evaluating organizational management, training medical students and other activities related to the development of medical students. The 2019 APRM was held on the Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and The LKS Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong (HKU).

Healthcare 2.0: Innovation in Healthcare is a theme that is carried out by the APRM 2019. This theme is the most discussed topic among the medical practicioners all around Hong Kong and even Asia’s continent. This theme was fully and clearly explained in the theme event (part of the agenda in APRM 2019) by a speakers who has the expertise on the related topic. During the discussion I get a lot of new information about artificial intelegent in medicine and it was quiet interesting. The Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) was attended by 18 national member organizations (NMO) from all around asia pasific’s countries who were members of the IFMSA. The country includes Australia, Singapore, India, China, Kazakstan, Indonesia, etc. I am proud to be one the 23 delegates selected from all universities in Indonesia to represent our NMO in the APRM 2019. Overall, the agenda of the event was consisted of welcoming party, cultural night, plenary and closing ceremony. The main activities which is the core of the implementation of the event were the sco-session, training session and joint session. These sessions are aimed to increase the knowledge of the medical students in terms of self developement. Basically there are 6 main topics discussed in the activity, including public health, sexual reproductive health including HIV, medical education, human rights and peace, professional exchange, and research exchange. the sco-session, training session and joint session that I choose was related to human rights and peace.

Standing committee of human rights and peace (SCORP) is the platform of all medical student activities in each country related to the human rights and peace. In the sessions from day 1 until the last day of the event we were doing a discussion, simulation and evaluation with the topics including human rights 101, extremism, hate speech and terrorism, disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action, and human rights based conflict management in exchanges. The most taboo yet interesting topic that I experienced is about destigmatize the LGBTQ community.

Overall, The APRM 2019 is very beneficial to me personally because of knowlodge and skilss that I gained. It was an excellent opportunity to showcase the ability of public speaking and international relation skill in the medical field. During the the event, I also get the chance to present the project of human rights and peace in Indonesia to all of the participant in the sessions. It was interesting that every country in Asia Pasific has different purpose of increasing their health sector by making policies and projects. Hopefully there will be another such event that I can attend and really looking forward on it.

Penulis : Arief Maoelana Rachman, mahasiswa semester 4 Prodi Kedokteran

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